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About Us

Our Story

The Art of movement was created in January of 2022. A time where health challenges, both mental and physical appeared to be at an all time high. This created the motivation to forge a community looking to improve themselves as well as others through healthy living. Our unique fitness style has been developed with the understanding that fitness extends far beyond the weight room: it involves mindset, nutrition, recovery, and even your support system. Building positive habits is absolutely imperative when trying to lead a happy and healthy life.

About Us

At The Art of Movement, our mission is to motivate you to become the best possible version of yourself, no matter what obstacles you are trying to overcome or what you are aiming to achieve. Our educated, trained staff of fitness enthusiasts are dedicated to providing positive mentorship and support, as well as committed to helping others enhance their overall quality of life, regardless of external circumstances.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach to training is what sets us apart from other fitness companies. Not only do we aim to train the body, but also the mind and spirit. We offer health and wellness mentorship in person, through email, phone or messaging, and through virtual coaching sessions. The Art of Movement prides itself on establishing an open line of communication with every client to best support individual needs. We understand that ‘showing up’ can be one of the hardest parts of creating positive lifestyle changes. Therefore, we want to be accessable to you in order to help navigate tough situations and create the best possible outcomes.

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